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How do I get good search results?

+ The spelling should be observed

+ Single words should be used

+ Whole sentences are not recommended

+ Both plural and singular should be tried out

+ Try multiple words (synonyms)

-> Another word with the same meaning

Why are search engines for Kids recommended?

+ Only there you will find a website that is suitable and exciting for children

+ All websites were checked

+ You won't find any inappropriate content

+ Websites with positive reviews are displayed first

+ The results are more structured

How do I find out which website is good?

+ A website is clear

+ The design is good for the eyes (contrast, colors, etc.)

+ A website has a good url (not overly long)

+ A website has good spelling and grammar

+ A website doesn't have a massive number of advertisements

+ A website has contact details

+ A website has no redirects

+ A website has clear content and is based on FACTS (including source code & author)

+ A website has a goal and target groups

+ A website has a uniform, clear and not too deep navigation

+ A website has a short loading time